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We provide GPS tracking products a services to a diverse global client-base.

Welcome to ChicagoGPSTracking.com! Based in Crestwood, Illinois, Chicago GPS Tracking is a wholly-owned subsidiary of mobile electronics installation firm, and long-time Chicago area staple Risky Business Security. That’s who we are. But, what exactly is it that we do, and what makes us different?

At Chicago GPS, we’ve devoted ourselves to helping clients safeguard their interests by overseeing their fleet vehicles and assets. This is our mission. We help deliver the pivotal insight needed to truly impact and drive the decision-making process. We utilize connected devices, typically GPS tracking, cellular, and satellite technology as a means of capturing this data and streaming it to the client via the IoT ecosystem and our proprietary web-based software platform, IntelliMatics.

That’s what’s we do in a nutshell. We use GPS tracking devices to capture data that our clients wouldn’t otherwise have access to, and then we stream it to them in real-time so they can make more informed, and profitable, business decisions.

“State-of-the-Art Tracking throughout Chicagoland…Chicago GPS Tracking”
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Who we are

It’s an unfortunate reality that most fleet owners have limited visibility into what’s truly happening with their vehicles when they’re on the road. And that’s no way to build, or maintain, a successful business. By installing one of our GPS tracking devices, and then logging into their online account portal, our clients have complete visibility into fleet activity. This is what we set out to do with each new client. We evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis, and discover how to best implement our technology to help achieve their goals.

1) So, what sets us apart from everyone else? From a tech perspective, our “One SIM” cellular connectivity is what truly makes Chicago GPS unique. You see, standard GPS tracking devices always have a cellular radio integrated into their design payload. This is the component that’s used to stream the data over the wireless networks. For this very reason, each and every standard GPS tracking device requires a SIM card to transmit its data.

Who we help

As you go about your normal day, observe your surroundings. Did you see any construction sites? Perhaps you passed by a commercial generator, stumbled upon an unhitched semi-truck trailer, or witnessed some other type of rented equipment. Whatever the case may be, valuable company-owned equipment is all around you, deployed in areas where it is difficult, if not impossible, to track and manage. Our GPS tracking devices bridge the gap between the office and the field, and give control back to our clients. Because time is money!

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2) The fact that each device requires a separate SIM card presents real and significant challenges. Most countries have their own individual cellular providers and networks. None share common SIM cards, and few even have roaming agreements. It’s because of this that GPS tracking providers simply do not offer global cellular-based solutions. It’s simply too difficult, much too costly, and the logistics are a nightmare. Until Now! Our “One SIM” technology is redefining the industry!

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How we help

As is the case with all electronics, GPS tracking devices need a reliable power source. Wired devices draw negligible power from the vehicle or backup battery. When vehicle power isn’t available, wireless battery-powered devices are used.There’s nothing special about us offering wireless tracking devices. Every provider does. What’s unique are the capabilities of our wireless devices! Our clients can not only ping their devices on-demand, but also reboot their devices and change the tracking interval OTA! Simply amazing!

3) “One SIM” is an unprecedented development in the GPS tracking and M2M space. Now we can offer cutting-edge GPS tracking products and services in over 150 countries using a single SIM card, and from only $19.95 per month! Nothing like this has ever been offered in the GPS tracking industry before. Not at this scale, and certainly not at this price-point. THIS is what makes us unique. It’s the Chicago GPS difference. “State-of-the-art tracking throughout Chicagoland.”

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