Our technology is expertly delivered with flexibility and precision. The ultimate tracking experience.

The landscape is not trending towards change, change has already arrived. Mobile GPS tracking applications and wireless connectivity have become intertwined in the very fabric of global society. GPS tracking has become a critical component in government actions, public and private fleet strategies, law enforcement tactics, mobile workforce management, private investigations, personal protection and security, and offender monitoring programs.

Serving a diverse global client-base, the IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System is uniquely designed and adaptable to virtually any tracking environment. Robust and fully customizable, IntelliMatics™ users can configure the system to suit their own individual needs. An à la carte menu of available streamed data allows Chicago GPS clients to tailor-make the reports and alerts engines. Users can create their own sub-accounts, can manually ping and reboot wireless devices, change tracking intervals over-the-air, and can personally modify passwords. All of this flexibility, and more, is at the fingertips of our users. It’s the Chicago GPS difference! “State-of-the-art tracking throughout Chicagoland.” Contact us Today!

GPS tracking in over 150 countries using a single SIM card –   From only $19.95/month!

The Geo-TraxPRO LTE GPS Fleet Tracking DeviceOur Geo-TraxPRO products consist of an in-vehicle GPS fleet tracking device, transmitting valuable fleet-related data in real-time, through existing wireless carrier networks. Our back-end servers receive this data, translate it into an easily readable format for our clients, and then relay it to our IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System for viewing by the end-user.

The IntelliMatics™ System is 100% web-based, with no software to install whatsoever. The only requirement for access is an Internet-connected PC, or iOS or Android device. The system provides a full-range of advanced features and capabilities. PTO monitoring is available, Garmin device integration, starter enable/disable, door lock/unlock, manual pinging of devices and more, are all available to clients.

The Geo-TraxIR GPS Asset Tracking Device How do you currently monitor your remote assets, equipment, or machinery? Where is your equipment right now? Has it been relocated to the new job site yet? If so, when? Has anything been forgotten or left behind? Can the billing-cycle begin for your new account? Is any preventative maintenance scheduled to occur soon? When your assets are deployed remotely, the only recourse is to rely on incomplete information to make your business decisions. And that can be a recipe for disaster!

Completely customizable, the IntelliMatics™ System provides a full-range of advanced information, control, and capabilities. Location & status, temperature monitoring, engine condition, low battery, main battery disconnect, maintenance reminders and more, are all at the fingertips of our clients.

The Geo-TraxMICRO Wireless GPS Tracking Device In today’s fast-paced and increasingly mobile world, wireless GPS tracking is a game-changer. The technology has proven invaluable in reacting to an evolving landscape. Concerned parents want to protect their children. Employers would like to manage their mobile workforce. Law enforcement seeks new tactics in vehicle surveillance. Valuable property and assets are in need of protection. Private investigators need to gather evidence of infidelity. From child tracking to covert vehicle surveillance, there is constant pressure for solutions that deliver accurate and reliable location information. The IntelliMatics™ System has risen to meet these challenges. We bridge the gap between you and the individual by putting you in the driver’s seat. It’s the Chicago GPS Difference. Contact us Today!

Below are just a few examples of the actionable intelligence provided
to Chicago GPS clients by the IntelliMatics GPS Tracking System:
  • Ignition/engine on events
  • Excessive idle events
  • Excessive acceleration events
  • Excessive RPM events
  • Location and status
  • Engine run-time/miles driven
  • Temperature High
  • Low battery events
The IntelliMatics GPS Tracking System Alerts Engine notifies user’s by SMS text the moment a violation occurs:
Alert Engine: IntelliMatics GPS Tracking System
Alert Engine: IntelliMatics GPS Tracking System

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AT&T 3G wireless connectivity in the USA
Rogers Canada Wireless Connectivity
Verizon Wireless Connectivity
Iridium Advanced LEO Satellite Coverage
T-Mobile Wireless Connectivity in the USA
Vodafone Wireless Connectivity
Google Maps: Digital GPS Mapping
Globalstar Simplex LEO Satellite Coverage
The IntelliMatics GPS Tracking System


  • 100% web-based GPS tracking…no software to install.
  • Interactive digital mapping that truly impacts the decision-making process.
  • A best-in-class reporting suite provides instant, actionable intelligence.
  • State-of-the-art fuel management tools that dramatically impact fleet performance.
  • Manage an automated preventative maintenance program. Improve the fuel efficiency, performance, and shelf-life of your vehicles.
  • Secure high-value remote assets against tampering and theft. Mitigate risk.
  • Get a big picture view of asset activity and assess your strategic approach.


From vehicle fleets to remote assets, the IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System can do it all! Track mobile & fixed assets in 150+ countries across the globe for one low monthly price!


  • 100% Web-based Satellite Tracking
  • Globalstar LEO Satellite Network
  • Interval or 24-hour operation mode
  • Unlimited reports & SMS text alerts!
  • No Contracts and No Overages!

From as low as:


/Per Month


  • 100% Web-based Fleet Tracking
  • Track in Over 150 Countries
  • Updates occur every 60 Seconds
  • Unlimited reports & SMS text alerts!
  • No Contracts and No Overages!

From as low as:


/Per Month


  • 100% Web-based Wireless Tracking
  • Track in Over 150 Countries
  • Updates occur every 60 Seconds
  • Unlimited reports & SMS text alerts!
  • No Contracts and No Overages!

From as low as:


/Per Month
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Our technology is expertly delivered with flexibility and precision.
The ultimate tracking experience. Contact us today to learn more!

One SIM Global Connectivity

Track mobile & fixed assets in over 150 countries, using only One SIM, and for one low monthly price!

Total Visibility

Gain greater insight into real-time location and movement information, access reports, alerts, and more.!

Complete Control

Gain complete control over fleet vehicles, assets, and personnel. Streamline costs and drive profits!

Manage Mixed Assets

Manage a diverse mix of vehicles, assets, equipment, and personnel in one unified platform.

Flexible & Adaptable

From monitoring fleet vehicles to covert surveillance, our tracking devices are cutting-edge, flexible, and adaptable.

Mobile Connectivity

Our web-based mobile apps are offered as a complimentary, value-added service to clients. It’s the Chicago GPS way!
GPS Tracking Customer Service


What is the IntelliMatics GPS Tracking System

Designed and built as the most adaptable platform on the market, Chicago GPS Tracking deploys the IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System. The portal combines the power of a cellular-based GPS tracking system and wireless networking capabilities that seamlessly track mobile vehicles and monitor high-value remote assets.

How Does IntelliMatics™ Work?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Each Geo-Trax™ device has a small antenna that receives signals from a constellation of 32 GPS satellites. Using the timing of signal reception from multiple satellites, the device calculates its own position, speed and elevation. Civilian GPS signals are transmitted free-of-charge by the U.S. Government. Each Geo-Trax™ device combines an integrated GPS receiver and a wireless modem. The radio transmits GPS-calculated positions back over a wireless network. Location and course data is then uploaded to the Network Operations Center servers. Authorized users monitor vehicle movement on maps and reports displaying route information, stop location/ duration and other valuable information.

Is Your System Appropriate For Any Size Fleet?

Yes. The IntelliMatics™ System does not require any out-of-pocket investment in servers or related GPS tracking software. Our systems are equally cost-effective for one vehicle to one million, and a rapid ROI is a virtual certainty!

What Hardware or Software Is Required?

The hardware consists of one of our Geo-Trax™ devices installed within each mobile or fixed asset you want to track. If wired into a vehicle, negligible power would be drawn from the vehicle’s own electrical system. If the selection were a wireless Geo-Trax™ solution, the device would operate on its own internal rechargeable battery or extended battery pack. The device will consist of an integrated GPS tracking receiver, antenna, plus a wireless data radio module connected to a cellular antenna. Software (SAAS) is a secure suite of web pages, that we provide, accessible to authorized users only, available on any PC running Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later. The IntelliMatics™ System is also accessible through most web-enabled iOS and Android mobile devices. No other hardware or software is required.

What Will It Cost To Start Tracking My Vehicles?

Good question. All of our competitive pricing is clearly advertised on each respective device and service plan page. We always offer volume discounts, so please contact us today at (312) 529-8799 if you happen to have questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

How and When Do You Ship?

**Inventory fluctuates.** We strive to ship most packages the same day by UPS Ground (3-7 Day). If a faster UPS shipping method is preferred, that option can be selected during online checkout. This would allow the shipment to be tracked and insured for loss or damage. In certain select cases, we might also offer shipping via USPS. However, this is the exception, not the rule. Please call (312) 529-8799 if USPS shipping is desired. **Due to UPS weekend and holiday restrictions, we WILL NOT be able to offer delivery on those specific days. We DO NOT ship via FedEx. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.**

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